9 Steps to succeed with AI/ML

AI/ML driven innovation marks the point where analytics becomes a disruptive capability to businesses

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28 Jun 2019

9 Steps to succeed with AI/ML

AI/ML driven innovation marks the point where analytics becomes a disruptive capability to businesses

27 Feb 2019

Tableau Analytics using Data Lake in a Week

Willingness to start creating Data Lake and Tableau Analytics takes more time than actual creation. Data Lake can be created virtually with any type of data with 100 to millions of records. Tableau Analytics starts when the first record hits the Data Lake. #DataLake #Tableau #Analytics

07 Oct 2019

We help Hallelujah deliver their clients serious happiness survey analytics

Hallelujah uses a unique and innovative gamified and tactile employee happiness survey that by itself contributes to serious employee happiness. Data2Performance provides Hallelujah all the technical and analytical capabilities they need to deliver their clients all insights from a Clients' Happiness Survey and recommendations to implement sustainable employee happiness improvements.

19 Feb 2019

Upskilling is urgent to avoid risk of skills gap turning into disruption

Companies need better more flexible upskilling solutions to avoid the risk of skills gap on performance and competitiveness #upskilling #agile #ondemand #agileanalytics

07 Oct 2019

Condor Airline improves route network performance

Global passenger flow analytics of the Condor Airlines Route Network and Partner Airlines. Tableau Embedded analytics provides detailed passenger insight by destination, market and airline partner

25 Jul 2018

Five steps to move to continuous performance management

Effective performance management is continuous and agile, enabled by self-service analytics that engages everybody in the organisation every day.

28 Aug 2018

What could your organisation achieve with on-Demand access to advanced analytics?

If our on-demand analytics idea intrigues you, your next question is likely: does that exist? The answer is yes!

13 Feb 2019

Agile Analytics makes you faster and flexible at lower cost

Agile Analytics empowers us with a set of value driven principles and techniques to deliver analytics insights by deploying visual intelligence, advanced algorithm based analytics & machine learning - deep learning models for any real time business need. Agile Analytics is data driven decision making which is flexible enough to accommodate any sudden change in requirement.

14 Dec 2019

Manage data analytics like code

Build trust in your data and continuity in your analytics process. How managing data analytics like code help you create more value from your data faster

31 Aug 2018

Key topics of the performance management conversation

Continuous Performance Management is a top priority for many HR Leaders. We wanted to research how people talk about the move to continuous performance management in blogs and social media.


Welcome, I am Peter Storm, the founder of Data2Performance. I write about how companies can leverage advanced analytics to move to a continuous performance management system. To be effective in today's dynamic business environment, companies that move to continuous performance management can push their performance culture and productivity to new levels. The primary focus of my writing is how companies can use data, decision and performance intelligence to help their talent and teams increase their performance.