Agile transformation technology

90% of executives see agility and collaboration as critical for growth and digital transformation. Better, more agile use of data analytics helps talent and teams to develop high-performance habits. Our products use your data to support the agile transformation.

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Agile Analytics+Agile Transformation=high-performance teams

Deliver the power of digital and data directly to your Agile Business Teams.
Enable them to manage progress and develop high-performance habits autonomously.

Accelerating digital and agile transformation by making better use of data

Most companies have more value locked in their data than they can transform into value. We invented Agile Analytics to help you create value from your data faster, more flexible, at a lower cost.

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Agile tools for autonomous high-performance business teams

Empower the autonomy of your teams with agile analytics insight about key results. Adjyle keeps your teams on-track with their progress and guides your teams how to achieve high-performance.

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Agile transformation for high-performance organisations

Deliver the power of digital and data directly to your employees. Adjyle for Executives delivers insight into the high-performance habits in your organisation about goals and key results.

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What if your employees and teams could use data insights about their progress and key results?

We help organisations with their agile transformation by delivering data insight directly to employees and teams to help them develop high-performance habits.
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Teams assisted by Agile Analytics can make better decisions autonomously

Agile Analytics from your data that assists your employees and teams would be a game changer for business performance. That is why our Adjlye product delivers analytics insight directly to your talent and teams; to enable better, faster and autonomous decision-making.
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Make your data work for your people

Many software companies make your people work for the data and not the other way around. Organisations need their people to be focused on their targets and performance, not on complex tools. It's time for Adjyle - Agile Analytics
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Agile Analytics offers flexibility at low-cost

Every business application has a history. Implementing analytics across generations of technology is hard and expensive. Our Valor Agile Analytics platform enable data coexistence and synergy that you can trust to protect investments and create new value.
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Agile Analytics must also be scalable, interoperable and high-performance

It's great to be able to start small and flexible. When that works, it also has to be scalable and interoperable. Our Valor platform runs on Amazon aws and Tableau enabling petabyte scalable high-performance analytics.
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